Pneumatic assisted Safety Valve

SiZ 2507
  • For safeguarding steam systems

    Safety valve for main boiler and reheater protection

    Spring loaded safety valve with additional pneumatic load to assist valve closure up to set pressure

    In combination with pneumatic or electric-pneumatic control system to enable sliding pressure operation for large steam generators

    Main steam, HRH or CRH protection with additional pneumatic load

    Coal Fired Power Plants
    Combined Cycle Power Plants
    Industrial Power Plants
    Other steam boiler applications

  • SiZ 2507

  • Type Test Approval TÜV.SV.XX - 138
    PED 97/23/EC => Cat. IV - Module G (CE)
    AD 2000, TRD, IBR, manufacturing acc. to ASME

  • Sizes
    Inlet DN 50 to DN 450 (2" to 18")
    Outlet DN 100 to DN 700 (4" to 28")
    Additional sizes on request
    Pressure Class
    Acc. to customers specifications
    (Special Class)
    Set pressure
    Max. 330 bar
    Higher set pressures on request
    Belleville spring for function as spring loaded safety valve
    pneumatic piston with function for controlled, safety pressure relief systems
    Temperature range
    Max. 630 °C
    Higher temperatures on request
    Stem vertical
    Other installation positions on request
    1.0460 / 1.0619
    SA 105 / SA 216 Gr. WCB

    1.7335 / 1.7357
    SA 182 Gr. F12 (F11)
    SA 217 Gr. WC 6#

    1.7383 / 1.7379
    SA 182 Gr. F22
    SA 217 Gr. WC 9

    SA 182 Gr. F91
    SA 217 Gr. C 12A

    SA 182 Gr. F92

    Additional materials on request